The Insulating Glass Most Advanced New Technology Trends in 2022

Even it is the most tough period in the recent years, the glass processing industry still grow very fast, and many jumbo size glass processing machines requirement from customers. In the past tens year, insualting glass machines manufacturers just focus on the automatic solution, for example, from manual glass assembly to automatic assembly and pressing, …

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The application of insulating glass

Insulating Glass Units are used in a variety of applications including curtain wall, windows and doors and skylights for commercial buildings and residential construction as well as in refrigeration units, control towers, rail transportation, cars and buses, marine applications and many other areas where energy conservation and comfort are part of the design.

Items used in insulating glass

There are many items used in Insulating glass. Let’s see what are they?  1.       Glass, clear float glass, tempering glass, low-E glass, laminating glass. 2.       Aluminum spacer, bendable or non-bendable spacer bar, colored spacer bar, and decorative spacer.  3.       Connector, plastic corner key(90 degree), and steel connector(180 degree) 4.       Molecular sieve, the …

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An Introduction to insulating glass

What is an Insulating glass unit?      Insulating glass unit are sealed combinations of 2 or more lites of glass separated by a dry air space.  What do they do?       Insulating glass unit save energu, save money, reduce polution and greatly improve the comfor inside a building.

How to spreading butyl sealant well onto alu.spacer?

There are two sealant in insulating glass production.  The primary sealant-Butyl/PIB sealant. The secondary sealant-silicone,polysulfide. So now we are talking about the primary sealant–butyl.   Where should you spread the butyl onto the aluminum spacer?       In the middle of the spacer bar side.  What is the best volume for butyl spreading?   …

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