Cost analysis of Insulating glass production

Many new glass processing company or the new IGU manufacturers are concerns with the cost of producing insulating glass, this is the first step to consider about IGU.

There are glass, spacer, butyl, molecular sieve, silicone and argon in one piece of IGU. As the machine price, labor cost, glass price, electricity, air and water cost are different due to different countries and area, so we only consider the rest items used in IGU, like: spacer, butyl, molecular sieve, silicone and argon.

Before we calculate the cost, we need to know the price of those items and used quantity in each sqm IGU.

Used quantity of IGU
NameUsed qty in 1 sqm IGu
Aluminum spacer4m
Butyl sealant0.05Kg
Silicone sealant0.25Kg (6mm aluminum spacer)
0.35Kg (9mm aluminum spacer)
Molecular sieve0.1Kg
Corner key4pcs
Argon25L ( 12mm air gap)

Below we just give reference price of the spacer, butyl, silicone, molecular sieve and argon, so final price maybe different for different customer.

NameQtyUnit price referenceTotal price
Aluminum spacer4m0.1USD/m0.4USD
Butyl sealant0.05kg5USD/kg0.25USD
Silicone sealant0.25Kg (6mm aluminum spacer)2USD/kg0.5USD
0.35Kg (9mm aluminum spacer)2USD/kg0.7USD
Molecular sieve0.1Kg1.2USD/kg0.12USD
Corner key4pcs0.001USD/pcs0.004 USD
Straight connector for bending spacer1pcs0.05USD/pcs0.05USD
Argon25L ( 12mm air gap)0.001 USD/L0.0375
Tota cost1.3USD/sqm
Tota cost1.5USD/sqm

We are not responsible for the final IGU production cost difference with the above table, this is only for your starting reference, thanks for your understanding. 

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