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Elevate your production standards with a premium insulating glass machine.

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Public listed company 2000X3000MM

Recently DETEK new installed automatic insulating glass argon gas filling production line with auto sealing robot, low-E deleting machine, got highly satisfaction from our DETEK customer in the worlds.

2500×4000 gas filling with sealing robot

2000X3000 workshop

2500X4000 with Low-E deleting and robot

1800X2500 IGu line for windows fabricator

2500X4000 auto robot bender layout

2500X4000 fully auto IGu line

2500X4000 with tilting table

Listed company with 80mm IGu

2500X4000 sealing robot IGu line

2500X3200 self-installed IGu line

2800X4000 30m robot layout

Train spacer bender

Train frame filler

2500X4000 sealing robot gas IGU line

2500X4000 with bender,fillier, robot and butyl

2000 filler

2800 IGu line

2000 robot

All DETEK machines with one year guarantee after installation.

7X24 pre-sales engineer.

Tens of after service engineer for installation.

Half year service parts storage guarantee the quick parts supply.

Machine centering with laser cutting/bending for strong R&D support.




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