Germany Public listed company 4th auto IGu line from DETEK

Auto double glazing glass production line for blinds inside IGu production,online gas filling, with capacity of 80mm insulating glass total thickness.

Our logistic loading of fully automatic insulating glass production line with gas filling, double/triple/ quadruple IGu and stepped IGu double glazing, shaped sealing robot with corner cleaning. Sealing robot for blinds IGu, or refergerator IGu avoid sealing.
2000X3000 insulating glass production line auto RO water treatment plant and water filter glass washing machine. Auto glass inspection back door available. Auto online gas filling more than 90% European market.

Auto sealing robot with jumbo size for double/triple/quadruple IGu sealing, specially the special shapes needed for refergerator with cable sealing. Straight bracket for 80mm double glazing glass sealing.
Blinds strip making machine for blinds inside IGu high quality windows glass procesing

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