How many ways to finish the secondary sealant sealing in insulating glass?

 The primary sealant and secondary sealant sealing the key points in insulating glass production, which keeps the Insulating glass quality and energy saving and sound proof function.

The primary sealant is butyl sealant (has gas and water tighten characteristic), and the secondary sealant have many possible options: silicone, polysulfide, and polyurethane.

The secondary sealant is two component sealants, the white sealant & the back hardener.  The shelf life of those sealant is one year if they are not mixed, while they will become harder and curing time is from 4 to 8 hours. If more hardener is applied into white sealant, the curing time can be faster, the recommend mixing ratio is 1:10.

No matter the manual sealant spreading machine or the auto sealing robot, both requires high after service attention for the mixer and sealing nozzle unit.  So, after every shift work, the mixed inside mixer and sealing nozzle should be run out by the white sealant. When the mixed sealant become hard inside the pipe and mixer, the only way to fix it is burnt on fire.

The auto sealing robot has alarm to wash out the mixed sealant out automatically, the alarm beep will remind the operators every 20 min. So our technical and electrical engineer specially design this humanized reminding upgrade.

The auto sealing robot for insulating glass secondary sealing is with stable performance, high compatible with different insulating glass production line. Different direction is available for your habit, and many sizes available like: 2000*3000mm, 2500*3500mm, or 2500*4000mm.

Fully automatic control by CNC with touching screen, online input and output signal monitor for easy service.

Automatic glass size detection, and working for double & triple insulating glass. Stepped IGU for curtain wall is optional choice.

Suitable for different thickness insulating glass sealant sealing.

Thousands of customers proved stable running, their satisfaction is our pursuit goal.

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