How to spreading butyl sealant well onto alu.spacer?

There are two sealant in insulating glass production. 

  1. The primary sealant-Butyl/PIB sealant.
  2. The secondary sealant-silicone,polysulfide.

So now we are talking about the primary sealant–butyl.  

  • Where should you spread the butyl onto the aluminum spacer?       In the middle of the spacer bar side. 
  • What is the best volume for butyl spreading?    usually 0.3g/m. 
  • The butyl sealant width before press: ≥3mm.
  • The butyl sealant width and thickness after pressing.   Width: 4-4.5mm.  Thickness:0.3-0.5mm. 

See the below picture for instruction. 


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