Items used in insulating glass

There are many items used in Insulating glass. Let’s see what are they? 

1.       Glass, clear float glass, tempering glass, low-E glass, laminating glass.

2.       Aluminum spacer, bendable or non-bendable spacer bar, colored spacer bar, and decorative spacer. 

3.       Connector, plastic corner key(90 degree), and steel connector(180 degree)

4.       Molecular sieve, the moisture absorption desiccant.

5.       Butyl sealant (Polyisobutylene)

6.        Silicone sealant, insulating glass sealant for windows and doors, or structural silicone for curtain wall.      Polysulfilde sealant.

The above items are mostly used in normal insulating glass production, of course ,there are other items, like Argon for gas filling, some tube for refrigerator IGU,etc. It is for aluminum spacer bar IGU process,and is different for super spacer IGU.


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