Auto spacer bending.

USB input

Lable printing option.

Logo printing option.

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Technical details about Auto spacer bending machine LZJ02 for Insulating Glass Machine


Auto spacer bending machine LZJ02 is used to bend aluminum spacer into triangle, rectangular, circular and shape frame for Insulating Glass Units. Pneumatic and servo control system assures the bending precise. It is used for high quality Insulating glass unit processing company.



  1. Germany Siemens PLC control system, touching screen interface
  2. Japan Fuji CNC servo control system
  3. Four spacer size storage shelf
  4. Auto spacer connecting and cutting function
  5. Auto connector detecting to avoid bending or cutting
  6. Continuous bending for different shapes
  7. Can bend aluminum spacer, Technoform and Alupro
  8. Distinctive bending structure with more powerful function
  9. Pause & reset device, convenient for machine malfunction, maintenance, protect the servo motor
  10. USB input function, load excel format file directly(Option)
  11. Spacer printing function (Option)


USB excel file production order auto loading and input(Option)

Label printing (Option)

Printing (Option)



Max. bending size 2000mm×2000mm
Min. bending size 250mm×200mm
Aluminum spacer width 5.5mm-24mm
Length tolerance ≤±0.5mm
Angle tolerance ≤±1°
Processing capacity ≤26s
Air pressure ≥0.65 Mpa
Total power AC220/380V 50HZ 2.5KW
Dimension 10500mm×2200mm×2600mm
Weigh 1250Kg

Brand parts list

Name Brand Country
PLC Siemens Germany
Module Siemens Germany
Low Voltage Schneider French
Sensor Sick Germany
Sensor Autonics S. Korea
Servo FUJI Japan
Servo driver Fuji Japan
Touching screen WEINVIEW TAIWAN
Cylinder SMC Japan
Solenoid SMC Japan
Pressure gauage SMC Japan


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