Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 4380 × 2400 × 3950 mm

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Technical details about Automatic glass loading/unloading machine AGL2500/AGUL2500

1. Different from the traditional glass loading and unloading machine, the newly designed link-type movement device has a large bearing capacity, and the direction control is flexible to place the glass, move smoothly;

  1. The servo motor and control system adopt the German Siemens V90 series products, which are stable in operation and reliable in control;
  2. X/Y/Z axis transmission adopts precision helical gear reducer plus precision ball screw and linear guide rail, effectively eliminating gear backlash, accurate positioning, stable transmission and low noise;
  3. Unique small suction cup pre-adsorption design, hold the glass before suction, the glass is pulled in advance to avoid the glass from tipping over;
  4. The glass transmission adopts a V-shaped groove structure, which can effectively avoid the adhesion of insulating glass silicone sealant; the V-shaped groove can be equipped with supporting accessories to avoid the problem of unsupported falling of the middle glass of the multi-layers insulating glass;
  5. Adopt German Baker oil-free vacuum pump, low noise and maintenance-free, long service life and high vacuum efficiency;
  6. The unique design of the bottom hook with ratchet and pawl self-locking, the supporting device capacity is 600KG, which can effectively avoid the dislocation of the multi-layer insulating glass during the handling process.



Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Max. loading size 2500X4000mm
Min. loading size 450x600mm
Glass thickness 15-65mm
Cycle 30x/p
Air supply 0.6-0.8Mpa
Dimentions 4380X2400X3950MM
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