Quick argon gas filling machine

Manual fast filling machine

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Technical details about High Speed Argon Gas Filling Machine ZCJ05 for Insulating Glass Machine


Insulating glass gas filling machine is a special equipment for gas charging in insulating glass. Adopting imported microcomputer controller and high-quality components, the equipment is automatic, stable and reliable, applicable aluminum type insulating glass and rubber strip type insulating glass. Improve the performance of insulating glass.



  1. Many gas filling option
  2. Manual control: by “Start” & “Stop” button to control gas filling process
  3. Fast gas filling: Argon inlet and air outlet at the same time, and stop automatically
  4. Natural gas filling: Used for several insulating glass gas filling at the same time.
  5. Two control mode:
  6. Argon percent: control the gas filling by oxygen sensor.
  7. Time control: control the gas filling by time.
  8. High production speed, argon gas filing, and air outlet absorbing at the same time, increase the argon replacement speed. Mass production, 10pcs insulating glass for natural gas filling, save time.
  9. Easy operation with 5.7 inches touching screen.
  10. Parameter adjustable. Argon percent and filling time adjustable.
  11. Filling process display. Indicator and column chart display, alarm indicator for reminding.
  12. Pressure control. Japan Panasonic pressure controller, inspect and control the pressure during filling.
  13. Calibration function. Oxygen sensor calibration page, fast and easy operation.
  14. Filling volume: fast gas filling of 15-30L/min.

10.Filling and outlet volume can be adjusted.

11.Adopt import sensor for inspection, stable and long shelf life.

12.Import England oxygen sensor

13.4 portable wheel and argon tank fix position, easy for movement.

  1. Taiwan controller and analog.

Band parts list

Name Brand
Controller Taiwan TECO
Analog module Taiwan TECO
Touching screen Taiwan WECON
Argon sensor USA IGT
Volume sensor USA Honeywell
Pressure sensor Japan Panasonic
Oxygen circuit board England CITY
Solenoid China Shimaige
Vacuum generator Taiwan Airtag
Indicator button China CHTBO


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