Double/triple/quadruple/Stepped IGu sealing.

Used for all kind of secondary sealant.


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Technical details about Sealant spreading machine ST02 for Insulating Glass Silicone Pump Machine


Model ST02 sealant spreading machine is made with the latest domestic and international technologies, which applies to the sealing and spreading of secondary sealant. A /B pump adopt S. Korea pneumatic air motor, which works sensibly and reliably. Its unique adjustable proportioning mechanism meets the rigorous requirements for double constituent sealant proportion to maximum extent, with a smooth sealant flow, good coating effect and high production efficiency as well.



  1. Suitable for mass production of insulating glass and curtain wall
  2. Pneumatic control, easy for operation
  3. A/B air motor adopt American advanced technology, S. Korea brand air motor
  4. Integrated structure of A/B sealant pump, avoid sealant leakage
  5. Special device to avoid A/B sealant pump running idle.
  6. Special one-way value in high pressure pump, sealant output smoothly, suitable for all kinds of sealant, avoid incomplete mixing.
  7. Multi filter system to keep clean of sealant
  8. Stainless steel mixer and unique sealing gun, guarantee the sealant mixing effect
  9. One-way valve is made of high wear-resistant material, long life time
  10. The rotating arm is equipped with universal device, flexible and portable


Mixing ratio 6:1-14:1
Sealant output 4-10L/min
Max. dispensing pressure 30Mpa
Air supply 0.8-1.0 Mpa
Air consumption 0.8M3/min
Diameter of A/B drum 570mm/280mm
Dimension 1750×950×1980mm
Weight 510Kg


Brand parts list

Name Brand Country
A/B air motor Hasco/YL S. Korea
Safety valve Hasco S.Korea
Pressure gauage Delta TAIWAN
Sealing gun Self-made China


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