Double/triple/quadruple(option) IGu

Online gas filling function option.

Weight 6500 kg
Dimensions 24500 × 3200 × 3600 mm

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Technical details about Vertical Automatic insulating glass online gas filling production line LBZ2000


Vertical automatic insulating glass flat press production line is mainly used for Insulating Glass Units (also known as double glazing glass, or double glaze) production. Our LBZ2000 model applies for glass processing company, and windows & doors processor/fabricator. Fully automatic glass sheet transportation through the whole line, automated Low-E coating detection, auto glass washing and drying, fully automatic IGU assembly and pressing with optional gas filling on line, and finally automatic secondary sealant sealing assure high quality insulating glass unit, which guarantee the long life top performance.



  • PLC control system with touching screen interface
  • Automatic distinguish the coating side of Low-E glass.
  • Perfect washing performance for on/off line Low-E glass.
  • Unique air knife with silencer device.
  • Automatic aluminum frame mounting system.
  • Auto glass positioning system
  • Inside and outside assembly and press function.
  • Double IGu, triple IGu, shaped IGu and stepped IGu(Option).
  • Bendable mechanical structure for general container loading, save freight.

Glass washing section



  1. Automatic distinguish the coating side of Low-E glass, front 3 soft low-E brushes.
  2. Unique air knife and silencer for washing machine.
  3. The washing zone and water tank are made of stainless steel and corrosion-proof material. Water heating system available.
  4. The conveyor rollers are made of rubber, resistant to acid and alkali.
  5. Automatic adjustment of glass thickness from 3mm to 12mm.
  6. Drive speed adjusted by inverter stepless, the glass runs stably at proper speed.
  7. Three pairs of brushes, with high-pressure water spray nozzle.
  8. In the drying zone, there is a pair of alloyed and corrosion-proof air knife, installed angularly, generate strong air flow to dry both sides of glass.
  9. Three independent water circulating system: the first washing water system, the second washing water system and rinse water system.
  10. To ensure the washing quality, the water conductivity should not exceed 40µs/cm.
  11. 11KW blower with heating system.


Pressing station section



  1. Ultra-long insulating glass can be processed in this pressing robot.
  2. Pressing plate with precisely adjustable screw for flatness adjustment.
  3. Maintenance open up to 650mm for easy maintenance.
  4. Servo motor drives synchronous belt for assembly and pressing.
  5. Stepped IGu and on-line gas filling available.
  6. 12 gas filling nozzle control solenoid, auto adjustment according to detected glass length.
  7. Auto gas glass length and height detect, auto gas filling time setting.



Max. IG size 2000×3000mm
Min. IG size 280×450mm
Single glass thickness 3-12mm
Insulating glass thickness 40mm
Glass washing speed 2-10m/min
Washing brushes 3 pairs
Glass conveyor speed 2-45m/min
Conveyor wheel height 520mm
Air supply 0.8m3/min(1Mpa) ≥0.8Mpa
Water supply 0.5t/h conductivity≤40μs/cm
Power 3P 380V 50HZ 30kw
Dimension 20160×2500×3087mm
Weight 5600Kg


Brand parts list

Name Brand Country
PLC Omron Japan
Servo driver Kinco China
Servo motor Kinco China
Touching screen Kinco China
Inveter Omron Japan
Breaker Schneider French
Contactor Schneider French
Relay Schneider French
Indicator Schneider French
Knob Schneider French
Sensor Omron Japan
Proximity switch IFM Germany
Solenoid Airtag TAIWAN
Air cylinder Airtag TAIWAN
Power supply MW TAIWAN
Solenoid Airtag TAIWAN
Air cylinder Airtag TAIWAN
Power supply MW TAIWAN


Professional logistics
More than 20 years export experience, none machine demaged by package.DETEK logistic be your trusted partner.
Machining center
Own machining center with laser cutting & bending, welding, plastic spray etc...
Assembly workshop
Mass production with ERP management system, quick lead time, stable performance IGU machines.
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