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Technical details about Water spray sand belt edging machine WMB02 for Insualting Glass Machine


  1. No dust, water pump with stainless steel tank.
  2. Patent product, sand belt easy exchange.
  3. Good edging effect, avoid tempering glass broken.
  4. Suitable for small glass below 800mmx600mm that auto seaming machine cannot.
  5. Shaped glass edging.
  6. Low power consumption, less than 2k/h.
  7. Versatile wheel in working table, stable performance.


Power 3P 380V 50HZ 1.5Kw
Glass thickness 1.5mm-19mm
Max. glass size 1500×1500mm
Min. glass size 400×400mm
Sand belt spec. 2000×80mm×100P
Sand belt linear speed 7m/s
Dimension 900×620×1350mm


Working table dimension 2200×1200×900mm


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