How to get from Beijing to Jinan from Peking airport?

1. First of all, the distance from Beijing to Jinan is 410km.

     1) Direct distance from Beijing airport to Jinan airport: 360km.

     2) Distance from Beijing South Station to Jinan West Station: 397km


2. Second, how many ways from Peking to Jinan ?

     1) Air flight

air china 飞机照片.jpg

     2) China Railway High-speed Train (CRH)


     3) Normal train (not suggested)

     4) Bus/taxi (not suggested)

3. Third, how many hours?

     1) Air flight: one hours and twenty minutes(80min.)

     2) China Railway High-speed Train (CRH): one and half hour(90 min.)

     3) Normal train (not suggested) 6 hours and 24 minutes, or 11hours 26minutes

     4) Bus/taxi (not suggested) 5 hours.


4. How much does it cost?

     1) Air flight: 690---2040 Discount available

     2) China Railway High-speed Train (CRH) 184.5

     3) Normal train (not suggested) 72

     4) Bus/taxi (not suggested)80 / taxi expensive

5. How many flight can you get with each vehicle?

     1) Air flight

     CA1152 / SC1152 / 3U1002 / TV6752 / ZH3026     20:10-21:30    T3


     2) China Railway High-speed Train (CRH)




    3) Normal train (not suggested)


    4) Bus/taxi (not suggested)

From 06:00 to 10:00


6. How to get to the destination when you arrive at Jinan?

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