How to bend aluminum spacer frame bigger than 2000×2000mm?

During the production of insulating glass unit(IGU), there are glass, aluminum spacer frame, desiccant, primary sealant--butyl sealant, argon, and secondary sealant—silicone or poysulfide.
So today we are about to talk about the aluminium spacer frame.  How to get a aluminum frame? 
Usually when you get insulating glass order, you will have the glass size, for example, the IGU size is 1200mm×1000mm.
The secondary sealing depth has regulation which says min. sealant depth is 5-7mm(refer to GBT11944-2012 China National insulating glass standard),so we choose 5mm sealant depth.
Then we can get the aluminum frame size is (1200-5×2) ×(1000-5×2)=1190×990mm.
There are two choice in front of us, you can cut aluminum spacer into 4 pieces, and then connect them with corner key.  Or you can adopt the automatic spacer bending machine to bend the frame, which is much easier with better corner dealing effect. With bent aluminum frame, you get better looking and better corner to hold the gas inside the insulating glass.
However, the max. aluminium frame size can be made by automatic spacer bending is 2000×2000mm. So how to get aluminum frame bigger than 2000×2000mm?
Do you know why the spacer bending machine cannot bend bigger size? Please refer to below pictures to shows how the spacer bending machine works?
auto spacer bending process.jpg
If the size is bigger than 2000mm, the weight of the aluminium spacer will break the spacer itself when the 4th corner is processed by automatic spacer bending machine.
Is there any solution to solve the spacer size problem? Yes, there are.  The automatic spacer bending machine cannot bend the frame once, then we bend two “U” shape to get one bigger size, and then connect the two “U shape” with straight connector. See attached pictures.
auto spacer bending bigger than 2m.jpg
For more information about the LZJ02 Auto spacer bending machine for insulating glass production, you are welcome to click the specification:
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