The Insulating Glass Most Advanced New Technology Trends in 2022

Even it is the most tough period in the recent years, the glass processing industry still grow very fast, and many jumbo size glass processing machines requirement from customers.

In the past tens year, insualting glass machines manufacturers just focus on the automatic solution, for example, from manual glass assembly to automatic assembly and pressing, from manual gas filling to auto online gas filling, manual silicone spreading to auto sealing robot.

In the past five years, the insulating glass machines manufacturers in China are researching on the online gas filling, the gas filling percentage, from 75% to 85% to 95%. It costs them 3-5 years to meet the China insulating glass national standard, and gradually meet the European market insulating glass standard of 90%.

Nowadays, nearly 95% glass processors have the auto IGu line with auto sealing robot. Due to the low growth of China real estate development, and bank loan limits control, it is slow grow market, and more and more processors are seeking to have the much more profits project, like jumbo size double glazing or high quality insulatig glass.

Triple and quadruple insulating glass are used to be the advantage of the apartment building.

So machines manufacturers have to make some changes, and find their way out. There are two options: a. have the advantages of jumbo size. b. follow the advanced technology like TPS/TPA.

Jumbo size seems easier compared with TPS/TPS, because the China manufacturers have the ability and enough experience in aluminium spacer insulating glass machine. Just make the machines size bigger and few testing. Another reasons is that the TPS/TPA production cost is higher, and machines costs a lot.

We have many new request about 2800x4000mm, 2800x5000mm, 3000x6000mm, 3300x6000mm. Jumbo size with twice press, or jumbo size with two pressing station,capable of jumbo size online gas filling. See below machines layout.

3300×6000 auto online gas filling insulating glass production line
2800×4000 JUMBO size insulating glass production line.

There is one comprised solution between aluminium spacer IGu and TPS/TPA, the flexible spacer applicator. All the same technology, just replace the aluminium spacer to flexible spacer with auto applicator. But with low cost effetive machines options. The flexible spacer IGu is not strong enough for big size insualting glass. So not so many processors buy the applicator now.

The production sealant with desiccant is the most difficulty parts now in China market for the TPS/TPA, but I am confident that the cost will go down and many new manufacturer will solve the cost issue and strength issue for jumbo size. Not European machines suppliers, not European market, it is China market that will promote and make the TPS/TPA much more popular.


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