The role of molecular sieve in insulating glass

The role of molecular sieve in insulating glass

What is the ingredient of desiccant?

3A insulating glass (IG) desiccant is made from molecular sieve 3A. This IG desiccant can deeply co-adsorb resident moisture and organics in insulating glass, keep the IG clear and transparent even at very low outside temperature, prevent the condense of inside vapor. More importantly, it can resolve the problem of window distortion caused by IG inflation and shrinking under season or day-night temperature changing; this would prolong the life span of IG windows considerably.

What does it looks like?

 Types of Desiccants

1.    Silica Gel

2.    Zeolites (Molecular Sieves)

Selection of suitable Desiccants

Adsorption Properties In IGU Conditions

Silica Gelyesnonoyes

Functions of the Desiccant in Insulating Glass

Desiccants have three functions

1)    Adsorbing the moisture included during the manufacture of the IGU.

2)    Second most important is to adsorb any off-gassed organics WITHOUT causing deflection

3)    Adsorb moisture that permeates through the seal

Why insulating glass becomes shaped after production and installed?

Because of the pressure different inside insulating glass and outside insulating glass. 

Correct Handling of the Desiccant

During IG Manufacture-Hang times No more than Four hours

Desiccation Loss in Hanging Spacers


_ Under roof

_ Dry

_ Bag/Super Sack: no exposure to UV radiation

Water Absorption Capacity

Desiccant Recommendation Based on Sealant Configuration

_ Hot Melt Butyl 3A or SiO2 Blend

_ Polyurethane 3A or SiO2 Blend

_ Polysulfide SiO2 Blend

_ PIB/PU 3A or SiO2 Blend

_ PIB/PS SiO2 Blend or 3A

_ PIB/Silicone SiO2 Blend or 3A

Supplier Quality Control

_Adsorption Capacity

_Gas Desorption


_Particle Size


_Technical Support – Lifetime estimations, trouble shooting, hang time studies


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