Auto sealing robot in customer workshop

ASR2540 demostration of Auto sealing robot in customer's workshop production.

1.     Two separate dosing system, one key switch system. (Option)
2.     Automatic corner wiper (option).
3.     Economical and practical, used for glass deep processing company.
4.     Fully intelligent and friendly touching screen adopt Ethernet communication, with memory function and easy operation.
5.     High sealing performance, high automation, reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency.
6.     Best sealing quality without air bubbles, smooth surface, save time for corner correction.
7.     Equipped with anti-blocking device in the mixer, easy to clean.
8.     Servo control system adopts world famous brand (Japan YASKAWA), performance is stable, and counting speed is fast, sealant output with high precision, surface with high smoothness.
9.     Special V type transmission belt to avoid sealant sticking on the belt, ensure the glass edge clean, V type block is changeable.
10. Suitable for triple IGu, stepped IGu and shaped IGu(Option)
11. All parts with high standard ensure the stable performance.
12. Equipped with high speed positioning function, glass can be located accurately when conveyor fast.
13. Keep machine service and upgraded timely with our own R&D department.