Why should remove the coating surface where the butyl contact glass?

Butyl sealant is the preferred adhesive to seal between spacer bar and glass, known as the primary sealant, which has very good water and gas holding capacity. 

The adhesion between butyl and low-e coating does not perform well.

Consequently, it is required to remove the low-e coating around the edges of the glass. This process is known as low-e edge deletion.

After low-e edges are deleted, glass edges are exposed. The Butyl therefore has direct contact with glass allowing best adhesion performance bond.

From above definition and reasons, we can see it is a necessary process to delete the low-E coating side around the aluminum spacer. Hereby, we Jinan DETEK machine supplys the automatic low-E deleting machine for the low-E removal function. 

Auto low-E deleting machine for insulating glass production CMJ2540


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